About THE Host

Viridiant is a non-profit organization committed to supporting sustainable building processes through education, consultation, and certification. Through certification programs, including EarthCraft, ENERGY STAR, LEED, and more, Viridiant helps to set a path for sustainable, affordable, energy-efficient construction. Viridiant’s technical experts work as a trusted third party to keep construction on track toward improved efficiency and durability, while making sure your home or development is completed with minimal waste and environmental impact.

Buildings consume 40% of U.S. energy and 75% of U.S. electricity. But they don’t have to. Changes to construction techniques and materials can lessen the impact of the built environment on our planet and cut energy consumption, saving money on utilities and protecting our occupants and development assets.

Viridiant has already highlighted the undeniably positive benefits of energy-efficient construction for hundreds of developers, builders, and homeowners, resulting in almost 25,000 sustainable homes in Virginia, Maryland, and DC. We consult, educate, train local building professionals in techniques that work, and certify homes, multifamily developments, and commercial buildings. We work alongside our local, state, and federal agencies to support policy advancements to address construction, energy distribution, and economic development. Viridiant also leads the industry, demonstrating that net-zero construction is feasible and affordable.

Our fees don’t cover all of our costs. We do that on purpose to make certifications and our other programs more affordable and encourage broader participation.

Non-profit EIN: 26-3983513