Richmond cohousing

NATIONAL COhousing open house day

Learn more about Richmond Cohousing at Party for the Planet!

April 27th is National Cohousing Open House Day! Visit Richmond Cohousing’s booth, a group who is working with Viridiant (festival hosts) to have their cohousing development be EarthCraft certified!

With local developer, Miller and Associates, Richmond Cohousing is building the first cohousing community in Richmond, VA in the Manchester neighborhood. They are creating a diverse, multigenerational community which is socially and environmentally sustainable.

Their solar-panel-topped, condo-style building will have 19 single-level one-, two- and three-bedroom units on four floors. Common spaces include a large dining/meeting area, community kitchen, kids’ play room, guest space, workshop/storage area, and a 2000 square foot rooftop deck with views of downtown. They plan to have multiple weekly shared meals and a collaborative rooftop garden. Construction began March 2019 with expected move-in March 2020.  

Richmond Cohousing has been active for a number of years. They’ve sung, biked, played games, and volunteered together. They’ve eaten community dinners together. They’ve drafted agreements on the way we want to live together. They’ve honed our meeting format, and we’ve laughed together - a lot. Through it all, They’ve become a genuine community and are excited for others to join them with their own perspectives and personalities. Richmond Cohousing is looking to attract a diverse membership and welcomes singles, couples, families, those just starting out, and those wanting to age in place. There's still time to make your mark on the community by helping them affirm their values, finalize their designs, and create new community traditions.

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